The Burns Family.

I met Andrea in 5th grade. We were not what you would call instant friends. We travelled in different circles and pretty much only had “band” in common for most of middle school and high school. Fast forward a whole bunch of years—-and one of the biggest blessings of Facebook is that it has a way of bringing people back together.

Andrea is a gifted photographer so I began to follow her work as my passion for photography was growing. I would message her, pick her brain and allow her to pour her knowledge, tips and tricks into me! We began to realize that we had a lot in common and our friendship has truly blossomed over the last couple years.

Last year in the hot summer sun we met at a local NC winery while Andrea was in town visiting her grandfather. We truly shared our hearts with each other that day and I would say it was a defining moment in our friendship. Truth be told over 300 miles separate us each day but we are in touch almost daily texting each other prayers of encouragement, checking in for accountability as we conquer the BBG workout program together and just doing this thing called life.

This summer Andrea’s family vacationed in Topsail Island, NC and my girls and I went for the day to hang out. It was the first time I really got to hang with Andrea’s family and her with mine. The kids loved each other and Andrea, Nate and I had an awesome time chatting together! At the end of a perfect day we had a perfect photo shoot. What a dream come true for me to be able to photograph a photographer who I have admired for so long!! It helps that Andrea’s family looks like they belong on the cover of a J. Crew catalog and that she knows how to rock a pose!!!

Added bonus? During our session Andrea shared with me that she and Nate never really had great wedding photos!! As a photographer I know that has probably always bothered her so I made a point during this session to focus on Andrea and Nate as a couple!! They are naturals–their chemistry is so obvious!

There are no words to express how much your friendship means to me Andrea. It might not have been our season to be close growing up in school but it’s certainly our season now and I am so very thankful to not have missed the priceless treasure that you truly are!! XOXO!
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