Ginn Wedding 9.10.16

This couple. This wedding. This love story. It’s one of the many reasons I love being a wedding photographer. Kristen contacted me about photographing her “simple backyard wedding” and I was thrilled to accept. As I got to know Kristen and her story I realized that God truly does orchestrate every detail of our lives—to include the couples I am so fortunate to work with. This couple and their story has inspired me and blessed me in many ways!

Kristen and Brent had their first date in January of this year. Kristen said that on the second date she knew that she loved him. She shared with me that Brent brought this peace, security and presence of surety that she had never experienced before. She laughed as she explained to me that she has never been able to make up her mind about anything but she never had a question or doubt that Brent was the man she was going to marry.

Kristen has a daughter, Hallie, and she told me that Brent courted Hallie too. Hallie was always included on their dates and Brent would present Hallie with meaningful gifts as their relationship progressed which further assured Kristen that Brent was the man she had prayed for.

Brent proposed in July–to both Kristen and to Hallie! Kristen jokes that Hallie was a bridezilla from that point forward helping Kristen to plan every detail of the wedding! This wedding was truly a family affair. It was held in the family’s backyard with Brent and Kristen’s closest family and friends in attendance. The couple exchanged handwritten vows and in keeping true to his Christ like character, Brent read vows to Hallie as well.

I have no doubt that the effort this couple took to keep Christ at the center of their relationship will continue to bless them for many years to come.


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