Eric & Holly.

A couple months ago a friend of mine asked me to consider donating a session for a Christian women’s conference that she was hosting as a door prize! And let me say that it is so true that when we give of ourselves God blesses us in return. From that door prize I got to meet this couple! Holly won the prize and shortly after got engaged so she chose to use the session for engagement images! Brilliant, right?

We worked together on a hot, humid and stormy summer evening and managed to pull off some great images because these two are super in love and super photogenic. We met at Stoney Creek Park to take the pictures which is ironic because Eric and Holly love to talk walks there and I had no idea!

I love to ask my couples how they met. Eric and Holly shared that they met at a potluck bible study back in 2014. Eric knew pretty quickly that Holly was someone that he wanted to be with but being the solid fella that he is he didn’t want to rush anything. He shared that Holly is his first girlfriend so he doesn’t have anyone or any relationship to compare her to (how AWESOME is that??). He said that Holly’s presence in his life has challenged him to step up in areas of his life that were lacking as a man of God. When I asked him what he loved about her he said that he loves how her blue eyes light up when she has something exciting to share with him, her modest and classy demeanor and appearance and most importantly, her love for Jesus! He said that she is his Proverbs 31 lady!

Holly describes herself as going through a hard time when she and Eric met. She was healing from some past hurts and she told me that Eric really came alongside her to uplift her in the Word of God. This allowed her to trust him, see his genuine and sincere character and trust that his motives towards her were pure! She said that she loves his character and how open, honest and genuine he is. She laughed as she shared that Eric does not sugarcoat anything!

That door prize was a total win for me because meeting these two was a treasure for sure!!
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