David & Brittney.

This sweet couple!! I am so excited to work with them next March to capture their wedding day. Let me tell you all that this couple is truly brave! I think we did their engagement session on the hottest day of the year and just look at them!!! They are still model status!

These two have such a sweet story of meeting at Wayne Community College in 2010, ending up at school together at UNC Wilmington where they dated and completed their bachelor’s degrees together in 2015. Since graduating from college David has moved to Raleigh to begin his career and Brittney is living at home with her parents while she pursues her Master’s degree.

David and Brittney love to be outside and talk walks together. Brittney shared with me that while they lived in Wilmington they would walk the campus or the beach together just talking and spending time together. On July 11, 2015 while they were walking in their parents neighborhood Brittney shared that she stopped to pick a flower for David and when she turned around to give it to him he was on one knee with a surprise for her!! She said that she was so excited and without even seeing the ring dropped to her knees with him and listened as David asked her to be his wife {insert swoon here!}.

David told me while we were taking the engagement pictures that he was so nervous about the proposal and that he had tried to pull it off a couple other times but it just didn’t work out! I think it’s so funny how we can try so hard to plan things and God just laughs!! Not to mention that Brittney loved her perfect proposal just as it was!!david and brittney_0944david and brittney_0934david and brittney_0935

david and brittney_0943david and brittney_0936david and brittney_0938david and brittney_0937david and brittney_0942david and brittney_0939david and brittney_0941david and brittney_0940

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