This is Elizabeth! She is a 2015 senior this year at Rosewood High School. We’ve had our date set for some time for these portraits and in the conversations that I had with Elizabeth’s mother prior to the session I just knew I was going to love working with them and I was so right!! We had such a wonderful time taking these photos and making some pretty incredible memories. Elizabeth and her mother are so close and I could tell that this was an emotional day for both of them. Something about seeing your baby all grown up posing for her senior portraits makes everything about senior year more real. We all laughed a ton during our session but there were some tears too…..

Elizabeth has been accepted to ECU–GO PIRATES!!!–this fall where she hopes to study art therapy. She is such an incredibly talented artist. There is a portrait below of Elizabeth sketching and the artwork surrounding her is all hers. I was so impressed not only by her artwork but by Elizabeth herself. She seems to be an old soul to me. There is something so graceful and so poised about her! Such incredible qualities for a young lady to possess!

 She is also a Rosewood High cheerleader which probably comes so naturally to her because she truly is friendly and easy to talk with and that SMILE!!!! This girl has a million dollar smile for sure. Enjoy a look at her senior session and join me in wishing Elizabeth all the best in the remainder of her senior year. I can’t wait to see what she does next!!

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I loved every minute of this day. The bride. The groom. The venue. The gorgeous weather we were blessed with. The families. All of it. It was just a fabulous day to be a wedding photographer. 

I love how Megan found me. Her mother contacted me through email at one point and then her mother-in-law mentioned to her that she had a friend that was a wedding photographer and guess who it was….ME!!! Megan and I agreed from the start that it was if it was always meant to be. I knew instantly upon meeting Megan and her mother that I was going to love working with them. 

Jordan and Megan both come from awesome families and their wedding day was truly a family event. It was definitely the joining together of two families and not just a bride and groom. There was a lot of joy and happy tears at this wedding. I was in awe throughout the day of the love these two families share for each other. I know that Jordan and Megan will be successful in their marriage because the support system that they have is solid. 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day. It was an honor and I truly enjoyed every minute. I pray that you two will have a long, happy, healthy and abundantly blessed marriage. You’re certainly off to a good start! XO

These images would not have been possible without the help of my INCREDIBLE second shooter, Charity Starchenko with One Crazy Love Photography. Please check out her work on her website, follow her on Facebook and show her some love! She’s my birthday twin, an awesome photographer and a wise soul! THANK YOU CHARITY!!!!

The venue for this wedding was River Landing in Wallace, NC! A spectacular gated, golf community with an incredible ballroom and balcony that leaves room for only gorgeous images! I hope to work there with Leon again really soon. It was a superb experience. 

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Introducing Carlie Carter…

Carlie is a senior this year at Charles B. Aycock High School. I asked her to describe herself to me and she said she is a…wait for it….a NERD!!! Yup, and she’s very proud of it! She is obsessed with getting good grades and it’s paying off. She has already been accepted to East Carolina University (Go Pirates!!!) and UNC Wilmington. She is hopeful to hear from NC State soon too before making her final decision on which excellent college to attend. 

At school she says she is way to uncoordinated to play sports (LOL!) but that hasn’t stopped her from being involved. This young lady is in the National Honor Society, the english, math & science club, and she is editor in chief for the high school yearbook–I love it! She has even managed to volunteer her time at our local soup kitchen and the Wayne Pregnancy Care Center!! When she isn’t involved in school activities you might find her playing the guitar, drawing, or enjoying some downtime with her friends. 

So if you’ve read my blog at all then you know that I adore my high school seniors. I feel so fortunate to meet these young men and women that are already making an impact on the world around them at such a young age and they are just getting started. It just gives me such hope for our future!

I know I say it a lot (but it’s because I truly mean it)…I am blessed to work with each one of these young people and Carlie was no exception. As if she isn’t well rounded enough she can make you LAUGH until your sides hurt. She and her mom are so close and so, so funny! I throughly enjoyed my time with them. I so look forward to seeing what Carlie does next. 

Until then, live your senior life BIG Carlie Carter…..xo

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Karlyn Wolfe, you are gorgeous!  You have a genuine kindness and meekness about your spirit! I just love you and your family so very much!

Karlyn goes to my church, she has babysat my girls for me and she goes to school at the high school where I am the school social worker so I feel like I know her character very well and let me tell you this—Karlyn is consistent. She’s the same beautiful girl inside and out despite the environment that I see her in! She’s mature beyond her age and is going to do amazing things as she graduates from high school this year and pursues college and her life long goals. 

She has an amazing support system in her family. She didn’t want to take her senior portraits unless her big sister could be home from college to be in them and then she was able to convince mom and dad to be in a couple—which was too fun because this family is silly and loves to cut up!! Well, the girls and dad cut up while Ms. Kerry laughs and watches them! It’s hilarious. There is one thing that you can’t deny about this family and that is the love they share one for another. Having two daughters myself I look at this family and pray that my girls will be best friends and that they will feel as loved and supported by me as Karlyn does by her parents. What a sincere blessing!!!

Thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits Karlyn! I think so much of you and look forward to watching you accomplish BIG things!!! XO

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Landon and Ashley are getting married in April of 2015! I am so excited to be their wedding photographer. We had a great time working together on these engagement portraits. Landon is a 200% country boy. He literally lives to be outdoors hunting or fishing or just exploring for something so it was no surprise that our session entailed a bit of hiking! Haha! 

We were able to take these images on some of Landon’s family land and it really was beautiful. So peaceful, serene and the perfect place for this couple to create some special memories. Ashley told me that when they started dating they used to come out to this land and just walk and talk together for hours!!! How stinkin’ cute is that??

What’s cuter is that these two have known each other their whole lives. They even went to a prom together as friends!! I love a good love story and these two have one for sure but you’ll just have to wait for the wedding blog to read all about it. 

For now, enjoy this sneak peek of their engagement session and know that some of their most favorite images are TOP SECRET right now so they couldn’t be featured on the blog!! I can’t wait to share more!!!

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